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    I'm Mara, and I'm so glad you've decided to visit!

    If you're anything like me, your time is limited and valuable. Your life is busy, engrossing, and, at times, exhausting. You work hard, and sometimes your personal life suffers because of that. You long for passionate, intimate connections, but don't have the time or the emotional energy for a high-maintenance girlfriend. Or maybe you're just looking to have some fun. Whatever your reasons, I am very glad that you've found your way to me. You work hard every day; let's play just as hard!


    I seek fellow travelers, people with whom I can have adventures. Let's have a night out, with dinner and drinks. Or let's stay in and relax together. Let's explore our minds and our bodies, our sexuality and our connections. Let's have nights of endless laughter and intimacy. Let's create our own world of bliss, an escape from the crushing boundaries of normalcy, where we can revel in multifarious ecstasy.


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