• US Rates

    I'm passionate about the world around me, and tend to stay pretty busy. As such, I afford priority to longer dates, particularly those that involve adventures on the town- laughter over cocktails, analysis of delicious food, or something off the beaten path. All rates are in USD.

    Sweet Satiation

    Up to 90 minutes | 1,000

    Intimate Encounter

    2 hours | 1,500

    Relaxed Rendezvous

    3 hours | 2,000

    Dinner and Dessert

    4 hours | 2,500 | Includes one hour of public time

    Double the Dessert

    6 hours | 3,000 | Includes two hours of public time

  • Extended Packages

    Extended packages are open to most old friends, and to new friends after a preliminary 10 minute video chat.

    The Perfect Day

    For those who date outside of the box: this package is intended for adventures. Maybe you've been wanting a companion for a cooking class, or a date to Lollapalooza. Maybe you've been wanting to go skydiving, or spend a day being pampered at a luxurious spa. Maybe you want a native Chicagoan to show you the town. Whatever the adventure, we'll return to our room at the end of it with laughter in our eyes, ready to relax and unwind together.


    14 hours | 4,500

    Breakfast in Bed

    For those who feel intimacy can't be confined to a few short hours: this is for people who yearn for true connection. We'll start with a delicious dinner, or maybe head to the theater together, followed by a bottle of champagne and analysis (because half the fun of rarified experiences is the postmortem, right?) Slowly, achingly relaxing into each other until we're cuddling and sharing secrets, building intimacy that makes the coming sensuality all the more sweet. The most restful sleep imaginable, and breakfast in bed.


    14 hours | Mandatory 7 hours sleep | 5,500


    For those who want it all, and never settle. A playful vixen in the morning, starting your day off right. An insatiable creature in the afternoon, waiting for your lunch break, clad in lingerie. A doting girlfriend when your long day is over, ready with a drink in hand and a smile on her face. An intellectual temptress over the dinner table, motivating you to get up tomorrow and do it all again.


    24 hours | Mandatory 7 hours sleep | 7,000

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